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About Us


Dr. Lisa M. Bartel, D.V.M. along with her husband Allen opened a new full service veterinary clinic in Naselle, Washington called Country Pet Veterinary Clinic in 2008.  The clinic is located in a newly constructed facility at 300 Parpala Road, approximately 1.7 miles west of the intersection with Highway 401 where the Naselle Timberland Library, The Bank of the Pacific, and Okies Market are located.

The clinics regular hours are from 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Monday - Friday.  After hours emergency care from Lisa is available for established clients.   We offer full service care for pets including exams, vaccinations, medications, surgery, grooming, and boarding.  The clinic also offers basic health care services for horses.  Country Pet Vet carries Hill’s Science Diet foods for cats and dogs.  It also stocks a full line of Hills Prescription Diet foods to provide a local source for pets with special dietary needs.

Country Pet Vet specializes in providing affordable vaccinations and spays and neuters for pets.  Lisa’s inspiration for opening her clinic was a desire to address a need for providing an affordable option for this basic care.  Dr. Bartel believes that as a veterinarian she has an obligation to provide these services at a cost that encourages all owners, regardless of their income, to seek this care for their animals.  Keeping current on vaccines, spaying and neutering are the best things we can do to take care of our pets.  Spaying and neutering greatly extends their life as well as controls the population of stray animals. Unaltered cats are more likely to contract Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids, unaltered male cats and dogs get hit by cars looking for girls and also get into more fights.  Unaltered females are much more likely to get uterine infections as they age and get breast cancer.

Given the large number of people from Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties that travel by the clinic in route to the Long Beach Peninsula, Longview, and Astoria areas, the clinic offers “day boarding” at no charge for owners who want to drop their pets off for care and pick them up on their way back home.  “Go and spend Saturday or Sunday in Long Beach or shopping at Costco, drop your pet off on the way there and pick them up on your way home.”

Lisa, her husband Allen, and their 2 little girls share a love for animals. They run a small farm and raise Katahdin sheep, heirloom layer chickens, peacocks, cats, farm dogs, and Kangal livestock guardian dogs.  From their farm they supply fresh eggs and lamb to local buyers and the farm can be seen at www.kangalguardian.com.  Dr. Bartel has been a veterinarian for over 20 years, WSU Class of 1990, practicing in large multi-doctor, state of the art hospitals as well as small, rural clinics.  She has also worked in cat only and holistic care clinics.  In addition, Lisa worked at Playfair Racetrack through the Washington Horse Racing Commission.  Most recently Dr. Bartel worked part-time for Vetter’s Animal Hospital in Raymond, WA, where she has been a relief vet for over 14 years.  She has worked with the last three owners of Vetter’s, including one of the great veterinarians of our region, “Doc Vetter”.

Prior to her most recent work  at Vetter’s, Lisa took a leave of absence to raise her two little girls.  Her girls are now school age and she is able and eager to establish her own practice for the first time.  This gives Dr. Bartel the opportunity to meld the best from all of the experience she has had, providing the highest level of veterinary care for her patients in a relaxed environment, that is friendly and comfortable for her patients and their owners.  


You can contact the clinic at (360) 484-7228 or info@countrypetvet.com.  You can also learn more about it, including driving directions, at www.countrypetvet.com